Braided Flexible Graphite Packing
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ML 2001

Pure homogenous graphite bonded to a fiberglass carrier for strength and thermal stability. It has no added lubricants or binders to cook out or become brittle. API 607, 4th Edition Fire Test-Passed! Fugitive Emission Test Less then 100PPM

Additional Info

  • Construction:
    Multi-Lok Braid
  • Remarks:
    For valve service Styles ML2001Z with zinc corrosion inhibitor and ML2001P with a passivating corrosion inhibitor are available.
  • Recommended for:
    Rotating shafts where high shaft speeds and thermal conductivity are required. Atmospheric Pressures up to 4500 psi
  • Service conditions:
    Shaft speeds to 4000 FPM; temperatures to 850 degrees F / 454 degrees C in oxidizing conditions; 1200 degrees F / 649 degrees C in steam; pH range 0-14 except strong oxidizers.
  • Equipment:
    Pumps and valves, volatile organic chemical service.